Labour Law

KUTAN & PARTNERS law office provides comprehensive legal counselling in the field of labour law, which is a sector requiring knowledge of legal specificities, as well as a high degree of diplomacy and empathy in solving the legal problems. We provide our services to both employers and employees. We are a member of the European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA), guaranteeing continuous education in this area and quality of services. EELA is an association of labour law specialists whose aim is to bring together lawyers from European Union countries active in the field of labour law, to create a forum for discussion and exchange of views and to assess the transnational dimension of labour law issues.

In the area of labour law we provide our clients with assistance in the following areas:

  • preparation and revision of employment contracts,
  • preparation and revision of management contracts,
  • internal labour law,
  • advice on termination of employment,
  • collective redundancies,
  • agency employment,
  • temporary assignments of employees,
  • reviewing the collective agreements,
  • trade union status and rights
  • protection of personal data in employment relationships,
  • legal advice on the application and observance of the principle of equality and equal treatment (protection against bossing and mobbing),
  • legal representation in labour disputes.